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Job Number : 28528
Type and Location : Psychologist / Adelaide
Listed By : COGNITION on 31 Aug 2019

COGNITION is looking for a permanent part-time psychologist, plus psychologists to work on a sessional basis outside of standard business hours.

Permanent, part-time psychologist

Who would apply for a position where there is a small on-call component - where everyone working in the team has a family and a life and hence everyone does some of the work that no one really wants to do? Where nobody’s needs are more important than their colleagues and everyone pitches in. What about a position, where your day could change rapidly and you would have to re-think what you might be doing – who would want that? It is nowhere near as comfortable as sitting in a pleasant office working through a list, especially when, at times, you would have to leave your office and work on site for a contracting organisation. Who would want to work in a smallish team where everyone is asked to contribute ideas to how things can be done better and to try out new practices and procedures that will meet the trend to increasing accountability and efficiency, while at all times meeting high professional standards? This can be hard work and is not for everyone. So please do not even think of applying if you are lukewarm about it or if you simply want a stop gap position on the way to somewhere else.

However, if you are excited by variety and thinking on your feet, then read further. Keep reading also, if you want to try to be the best you can be because you believe that psychology is as much a vocation as an occupation. And, if you will enjoy sharing information and knowledge with your colleagues, and getting and giving support within a team that has a sense of humour, then we really should have a conversation. At that time, we can also chat about all the other good things that makes working here satisfying, if you are the right person.

COGNITION is a psychology practice that has been around a long time and is well-respected. We undertake a mix of clinical, general and organisational work. There is a steady stream of referrals for clients within the Medicare, private health and work injury systems, but we also do a lot of corporate work, especially EAP. This latter work is not for everyone and some will say it is not ‘real psychology’ – and yet the world of work is where most of us spend a good chunk of time and brief intervention requires considerable skill.

If you are up for this, then please provide an expression of interest and a current curriculum vitae. You must be fully and unconditionally registered and have competence in assessment, case conceptualisation and treatment of common mental health conditions. A Clinical Master’s Degree would be highly desirable, but we would also love to hear from you, if you have years of experience combined with other psychology qualifications. Experience and interest in working with children would be great, but not required. If you are drawn to organisational psychology work, then please apply, but only on the understanding that the position is chiefly for the provision of individual services.

The position attracts a salary (sub-contract may be considered) and is for full days on Wednesday through to Friday of each week. In addition, if you wished to add Saturday (half or full-day) then that would be welcomed. If you have a colleague with whom you wanted to job share 4 days (Wed to Sat incl) then that might also work. 

Sessional psychologists

COGNITION would be pleased to hear from psychologists who are interested in working on a sessional basis in the evenings and Saturday mornings. We are ideally looking for a commitment to 2 sessions per week.

Contact Details
Please contact Denise Keenan, Managing Director, on 8373 2688, to chat about the positions, or email her your application on

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