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Job Number : 28287
Type and Location : Psychologist / Adelaide
Listed By : Serco on 7 Aug 2019

About you

Enthusiastic about making a difference in the lives of others you have a commitment to human rights obligations and principles and are passionate about promoting the rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners. You can ensure the safety and security of prisoners and the community, and provide a safe and respectful environment for staff, prisoners and visitors in a correctional setting. You have an ability to negotiate and resolve conflict and identify and implement business improvement initiatives whilst ensuring no impact on services.


About the Role

Working within the Offender Development team, at the Adelaide Remand Centre you will ensure a prisoner’s psychological state is assessed and regularly reviewed, and appropriate social, emotional and practical support services are identified and facilitated.  You will oversee the provision of specialised assessment and intervention services to address the risks and needs of prisoners, in terms of their ongoing management and successful reintegration into the community.  You will skilfully identify and prioritise vulnerable and at-risk prisoners and this, in many cases, will mandate you working closely with the Centre’s Aboriginal Liaison Officer and its Services Coordinator. You will have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the psychologist’s ethical and legal obligations and professional accountability.  You will understand contemporary correctional concepts, principles and practices relevant to psychology assessment and treatments. 

To be successful in this role, you will have;

·        The highest levels of personal integrity and ethical behaviour

·        Current registration as a Psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regualtion Agency (APHRA)

·        Previous experience in assessment and treatment in correctional psychology including mental health issues, cognitive impairment and with respect to behaviour management

·        Experience in criminogenic risk assessments, including risks related to sex and violent offending

·        Experience in psychological theory & practice and group process

·        Knowledge on the key concepts of Marsha Linehan's Dialectical and Biosocial Theories and Borderline Personality Disorder (desirable)

·        An ability to demonstrate and promote respect for the dignity, culture, ethnicity, values and beliefs of offenders and colleagues.


This is a position of trust and responsiblity and to support this we will conduct a thorough probity assessment, which includes national police check as an essential selection component for this role.  



Contact Details
Melissa Anstey

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