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Job Number : 27224
Type and Location : HR/Psychology / International
Listed By : Ogilvy New Zealand on 3 Apr 2019
Psychologists- National Office positions – Wellington based

Vacancy Number:  SDNO10941 
Closing Date: 11.30pm Sunday 21st April 2019
Location: Wellington 

As an experienced Psychologist, this is your opportunity to work alongside our Chief Psychologist in our National Office.

The roles in our National Office team in Wellington offer the opportunity to influence practice nationally coupled with offering the platform to broaden the skills of the practitioner. 

We understand that life can be busy so we can offer flexibility in hours for some of these positions. 

The team is involved with a diverse portfolio of rehabilitation programmes and interventions for men, women, and youth-serving community or prison based sentences. The objective of this work is to help people on sentence with Corrections make positive changes and lead law-abiding lives, which in turn will contribute to a reduction in reoffending and create safer communities.

The team is tasked with developing best practice guidelines, programmes, integrity monitoring processes, and training for psychologists in the field. For these roles based in National Office, we are looking for Psychologists with experience working within the Department (from Level 5 internal psychologists upward), or senior clinicians who would bring complementary skills and fresh ideas from external agencies. It is imperative that interested applicants are motivated to develop their cultural intelligence given the over-representation of Maori (Indigenous New Zealanders) with the New Zealand Corrections context.

To find out more about these roles, click on the links and video below:

·         Manager Psychology Practice ($126,318 - $178,331)

·         Senior Advisor – Medium Intensity Programmes ($90,151 - $127,271)

·         Principal Advisor – Training and Design ($108,071 - $152,571)

·         Principal Advisor – Psychology Practice ($108,071 - $152,571)

·         Senior Advisor – Psychology Practice ($90,151 - $127,271)

·         Principal Advisor – Research ($108,071 - $152,571)

·         Principal Advisor Special Treatment Unit Development ($108,071 - $152,571)

·         Principal Advisor Practice – Special Treatment Unit ($108,071 - $152,571)

To hear more about our Psychologist roles here in National Office, click on the link below:


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