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Job Number : 26325
Type and Location : Psychologist / Working Australia Wide
Listed By : Defense Force Recruiting on 8 Jan 2019
Psychologist (Part Time)

Add an exciting and rewarding dimension to your life and work, applying your professional skills to rewarding new areas. 

  • Broaden your skills in a dynamic team environment
  • Enjoy work variety and opportunities to travel
  • Receive tax-free pay plus free healthcare and accommodation when serving

Why join the Army Reserve?

If you're looking for a new challenge, the Army Reserve could be for you. You'll enjoy the satisfaction of giving something back to Australia, while benefitting from:

  • tax-free daily pay
  • free healthcare and accommodation when serving
  • a flexible commitment
  • rewarding work that builds on your day job
  • management and leadership training
  • a supportive team environment
  • friendships that last a lifetime

All that plus exciting opportunities supporting Army domestic activities, including exercises and operations, with potential deployments overseas in support of Australian and coalition personnel.

Your part-time role

Are you a qualified psychologist seeking new challenges that complement your everyday work? Then a role in the Army could add the extra dimension you're looking for.

Join the Army Reserve as an Officer and you'll support regular Army personnel in a variety of roles that extend you both physically and mentally.

Army psychologists perform important tasks that range from recruitment assessments to post-operational screening and critical incident mental health support. The exact area you work in will depend on Army needs and your strengths and interests.

This is a good opportunity to gain experience in diverse new areas of your profession, while giving something back to your country.

 Does that sound like a great way to spend a number of weekends away or breaks from work? Then apply now to become a Psychologist in the Army Reserve.


  • Specialist Service Officer Course (26 days and 16 days at separate times)
  • Serve between 20 and 100 days each year (at least 50 days preferred)
  • Fit service around your existing work and family commitments
  • The Army provides special resources to help you approach your employer about your ambition to serve as a Reservist.



  • Training in Canberra, ACT
  • An Army unit close to where you live


  • Fully-paid leadership training
  • Starting package $162.35 per day tax free
  • Pay increases with rank and experience


Entry Requirements

  • Australian Citizen   
  • An approved four-year Honours degree in Psychology or a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology

Medical and fitness guidelines also apply.

How to Apply

Click on the APPLY FOR THIS JOB button to submit your application. For more information view the full position description here:

Army Reserve Psychologist position description  

Contact Details
Please Contact Rosalie Oblen:

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